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I am Miguel, and I am the Responsible Individual for our Children’s Homes. We don’t have many rules as we try to build on common sense and kindness and the team will try to build really positive relationships with you, but we know that may take some time, because we need to prove you can trust us. We don’t promise to shower you with cash, or take you paintballing ever week, but we do promise to be thoughtful, kind and listen to your views. Our priority is trying to make this a place you want to call ‘home’. Hopefully before you even arrive we can send you our children’s guide which has more information in it, and we will come and meet you, or you can come and visit. Some people even like to try the home by coming to stay overnight. We have a Young Persons Forum where young people from all our different services meet up and fundraise, interview staff and eat lots of pizza (plus other stuff), but I thought it may be more helpful to get one of our previous clients from the forum, to tell you about us instead. This is what Lucia said:

Lucia's Story...

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Welcome to Opal House, I can guarantee that you will enjoy your time here. I lived with Fevaca for just under a year and I came a long way since residing with them. There is a great staff team at Opal House and they will get you where you want to be if you work with them and try your best. Everyone is different, and everyone comes from a different background, but you will always be respected for who you are. Fevaca offer a wide range of activities and hobbies that you can engage with in your spare time. Opal House is based in Ipswich in Suffolk, roughly a 5 minute walk from the town centre. There are a wide range of things to do around the local area. I made friends in Ipswich in no time so don’t be worried about that. If you ever have any problems or you feel like you just want to talk to someone, always feel like you can talk to staff because they will try their best to help you in every way they can. You will be assigned at least one key worker so you know you will always have someone there for you. I miss all the staff there and I visit regularly so you will properly see me about. I hope you enjoy your time at Opal House. Remember, you are who you want to be. Have a strong mind and you will get where you want.


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Opal House [Ipswich - Suffolk]

Opal House is FEVACA’s first Childrens home. It is a three storey three bedroom townhouse and is home to up to three young people aged between 14 and 17. Opal is set in a location which allows for a vast array of activities and boasts lots of communal space and opportunities for young people with complex needs. The home is looked after by a small team of professionals who utilise a creative, relationship based approach to support children with complex needs to settle, progress and achieve their full potential.
This home was judged GOOD at the last full inspection in July 2021, [see report here]

Registered Manager: Misha Tricker -

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Ammolite House [High Wycombe - Buckinghamshire]

Ammolite House is our home in High Wycombe and can accommodate up to 3 residents and comprises of a lounge, kitchen/diner, Education room, 3 bedrooms for young people a large garden and a staff bedroom/office space. We also have a second staff sleep in room, which doubles as a meeting/study room during the day.

Registered Manager: Brenda Palmer -

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Garnet House [Haddenham, Ely - Cambridgeshire]

Garnet house is a well-presented and spacious detached home located in the sought after village of Haddenham, Ely. The property is accessed via two iron gates and sits in approx 1.85 acres (sts) of land. Garnet House can be the home for up to 3 children, and benefits from a substantial garden to the rear of the property which is mainly laid to lawn with a decked area and seating area. The rear garden slopes away from the house giving superb views of the surrounding

Registered Manager: Owen Layton -

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