Red Nose Day

March 15 2019

It’s that time of year again… today it’s RED NOSE DAY! 😊

This year we will be hosting a cake sale here at Head Office, we aim to raise as much money as possible and really put all our efforts in! Everyone is welcome!

Our Young Person’s Forum

January 5 2018


This month we had a very productive meeting. We decided to put in words what our Young Person’s Forum is about.


The young person forum is a meeting amongst the young people in Fevaca and those who have left Fevaca who still contribute to helping out when and where they can. The aim of this meeting is so those involved can talk about plans for activities and outings, ideas for fundraising, how the houses can be improved and plans for the next forums and committee meetings. Most people involved have set roles in the meetings such as a chair, vice chair, events coordinator and treasurer and helps to plan ahead. 

Roles in the Young Person Forum

December 6 2017

The young people’s forum runs every two months and usually on a Tuesday evening. Our recent event on 5th December had a good amount of young people attending with 9 in total. Although it was tricky with some of the structures, we covered many relevant topics brought up by the young people. One young person wrote the minutes and recorded a number of great ideas. For example, the young people would like to create a hamper of useful resources to donate to Jimmy Homeless shelter in Cambridge. Some of the young people signed up to being a part of the recruitment panel and attending auditing.  To help develop the role of the chair person and function of this type of meeting, we will invite some of the young people to attend a meeting at head office to observe the running’s of a meeting and its structures. After the forum we all headed for a meal in a restaurant, which was delicious. The whole night was a great success!

Thanks for coming along to the pizza night

November 18 2017

FEVACA feedback:

It was really good to catch up with you all, we wrote quite a lot down but here are some of the main points! Ant was our support worker and dec was a potential new starter! What makes a good support worker including actual feedback about fevaca staff!

Questions to ask: Have you got a criminal record?


‘A superhero’
‘Like a mum’
‘like a big brother’
‘Brilliant and well supported’

Future meetings:

• Agreed to meet about 6 times a year- roughly every 2 months
• We will aim to meet on the first Tuesday
• We talked about the different job roles within this forum/ meeting
• Agreed on a chair, a minute taker
• We agreed to arrange for some different food ie burgers!
• Better to have tables laid out for next time
• We agreed to think about etiquette- not to talk over people.

Getting involved

We talked a lot about the charity and other ways to get involved.

• Mentoring

• First impressions/interview panel

• Fundraisers

• Comic relief- tough mudder