FEVACA on BBC Newsnight Debate

Following the ‘Hidden Homes’ series in 2019 and the government's press release on 12th February regarding semi independent accommodation and Children's Homes, BBC Newsnight is promoting a live debate on 28th February at 22h30. We are honored to have been invited to appear on this live debate to share our views and discuss the recent government press release on unregulated provision and how the sector should respond.

FEVACA Conference on Unregulated Provisions

FEVACA is organising a National Conference to debate the state and future pathways of the 16+ Unregulated Settings. This conference will be held on the 23rd September 2020. To know more about this, please see the conference page on this website

FEVACA - Best Practice Representative

As stated in their website, The Parliamentary Review is an indispensable guide to industry best practice, which demonstrates how sector leaders have responded to challenges in the political and economic environment, so the offer of writing in the Parliamentary Review is testament to the respect and praise that we have garnered from fellows in the field over the last ten years. Following this invitation, we submitted an article for the 2020 edition and we are looking forward for its publication and comments and debate that it will raise

The QAC (Quality Assurance & Compliance) Team

At FEVACA we are always looking to where and how to improve our service. For this reason, a team consisting in social workers, health and educational practitioners will work within our services, assessing practice and creating development plans from the information they have gathered alongside audit outcomes, EHC meetings, complaints information and anything else they can use (including everyone's' feedback.

FEVACA Young Person Forum

FEVACA is now developing a monthly Young Person Forum The YP Forum is a meeting amongst the young people in FEVACA and those who have left FEVACA who still contribute to helping out when and where they can. The aim of this meeting is so those involved can talk about plans for activities and outings, ideas for fundraising, how the houses can be improved and plans for the next forums and committee meetings. Most people involved have set roles in the meetings such as a chair, vice chair, events coordinator and treasurer and helps to plan ahead.